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Interracial Catfighting Clips

Okay, so we won't mention the "M" word, okay?

Let's just start the week with some good stuff - interracial catfighting! YUMMY! You know I've always tried to get more women of color into catfighting, so when I found these free clips I thought you guys might enjoy having a peek at what I'm talking about...

Interracial Catfighting Clips

Nice! There are a few ethnic girls at the gym that Monica and I train at, but we don't really socialize with them that much. I've seen them catfight in the shower room sometimes (like I've related before) but never at the private party matches or anything. mmm, maybe I'll invite them to the catfight party in Vegas this week.

Which reminds me - this week it's ON! The big catfighting party in Las Vegas I told you guys about. I'm fighting there as is Monica and Staci. I'm kind of nervous because the girl I'm fighting is a real toughie! I'm feeling strong though, and have a few new moves up my sleeve, hehe (well, not UP my sleeve because we're fighting topless, but you know what I mean;)

More later...



Posted: Monday 21st June 2004, 12:35 PM

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